Boarding Kennels

The Boarding Kennels

Our boarding kennels have both an indoor sleeping area with underfloor heating, and a secure outside run area. This ensures that your dog is as comfortable as possible, whilst still being able to enjoy the fresh air at their leisure.


Paws Inn Kennels

Your Dog’s Stay

At Paws inn, we aim to cater to each individual guest’s needs as closely as possible.

Generally, your dog’s day will start with breakfast, though all dog’s dietary needs are catered for individually, so tell us what and when your dog likes to eat and we’ll make sure that they keep to their usual routine.

All dogs have at least one daily walk and get to spend some time in the outside play area. We check the dogs regularly during the day to ensure that they are all happy and well. Later, your dog will get his evening meal, and more play and exercise before they settle down for the evening.

If there is anything else that your dog likes in their routine, just let us know and wherever possible we will accommodate this.

Kennels Interior

Your Dog’s Health

Our first priority at Paws Inn is the welfare of the animals that we are caring for. We ensure that our boarding kennels and all other areas that your dog will use are clean and sanitary at all times.

We also require that all dogs staying with us are up to date with their vaccinations. All dogs must also be vaccinated against kennel cough.